straight forward

Boat Insurance review by

Clear form with plenty of clear breakdown of policy.

14/08/2014 19:50:41


Boat Insurance review by

easy to use

14/08/2014 19:00:26

Glad I checked round

Caravan Insurance review by

I had tried various sites before but thius comparison site gave all the details I needed, and I even had a phone call to check when I had to close my original application. While writing this I have had confirmation via trext, well done

14/08/2014 14:03:10

Minor niggles

Boat Insurance review by

Generally fine and straightforward but why oh why do they not list ICC as a qualification? I had to "lie" and say I had a Day Skipper. Also, why do they ask for your "credit card" number when you've said you are using a debit card?

13/08/2014 18:22:26

very easy to arrange

Boat Insurance review by

very simple and easy to arrange.

13/08/2014 12:27:33

quick and easy

Boat Insurance review by

quick and easy no messing and lovely people to deal with.

13/08/2014 10:10:53

hassle free

Boat Insurance review by

easy to use

12/08/2014 21:08:06

Very simple and quick

Caravan Insurance review by

Easy and quick to use

12/08/2014 10:54:05

Quick and efficient

Event Insurance review by

I was happy with the quick and efficient service I received. Thank you.

12/08/2014 09:28:53


Boat Insurance review by

excellent price and easy to do

12/08/2014 09:12:11