very straight forword

Travel Insurance review by

had no problems

02/07/2015 17:56:08

Easy Peasy

Caravan Insurance review by

So good to enter a website that is easy and straight forward to use

25/06/2015 18:08:28


Event Insurance review by

Simple & Cheap

24/06/2015 15:29:40


Event Insurance review by

From quick and easy to complete, just what we needed.

23/06/2015 11:34:30

Event Insurance

Event Insurance review by

Form Quick and Easy to complete, just what we needed.

23/06/2015 11:33:24

great but 10% discount only came after I hadn

Caravan Insurance review by

On line experience was good and results allowed me to select the policy I wanted that included European cover. Howeverif I had purchaed straight away I would have missed the "extra 10% off" sent to me 2 days later!

21/06/2015 09:54:44


Boat Insurance review by

easy to use

19/06/2015 12:22:50

Easy job

Event Insurance review by

Relatively painless online form.

16/06/2015 11:48:24

first class

Travel Insurance review by

I have used insure my travel for a few years now, its easy to put data in. easy to fill in the medical forms and the prices are excellent

15/06/2015 23:45:01

cheap insurance but read small print

Travel Insurance review by

Cheap insurance but they will return next year and deduct from your card again unless you cancel. Chances on going on holiday same time next year virtually not going to happen.

15/06/2015 19:57:25