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Gadget insurance hell

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Supercover are the underwriters to my policy with Adrian Flux gadget insurance.  Under £40 a year for gadget cover seemed a good offer. Until... My Laptop accidental damage claim, the policy states a like for like replacement or better where like for like is not possible if they cant repair it. It has been a dam nightmare dealing with them, to start u have to call a premium number to get through to supercover unless u call adrian flux to transfer u onwards. Regarding this claim, they emailed to say that parts have been ordered for my laptop repair, i thought ok so ill wait. 2-3weeks pass.  I chase for an update, they then email me to say that my laptop is going through quality checks. Ok then great news! So i continue to wait, 5-6 weeks gone by now. But iv been patient, they got the job done so i wont complain as these things take time.  I dont hear anything for a while so i call several times, i am told 4 times that ill get a call back because they need to enquire. No one called me back once.  I get an email to say that unfortunately they can't repair it and it is with the stock team to be replaced.  I am confused..what the hell just happened. I call and they say sry that it now cant be fixed so they will replace it. I still didn't complain, thinking fine just get it sorted. I call them again after a little time to see whats happening with a replacement, im told they cant find a suitable replacement. So i contact the company i purchased the laptop from and asked them to provide a like for like replacement (where possible) on the laptop i previously purchased from them. So they do, and i forward it onto supercover. Now today, 8 weeks since this headache started i am told that the replacement laptop is a higher spec and they wont order it, and then they offered me some money. I complained, so they offered me an extra £50. I explain there own policy to them, that they will replace an item like for like where possible or better if not available. Not" try and negotiate out of the agreement hoping ill accept and walk away. I countered with a yes, ill take the cash despite u not fullfilling the agreement on the policy but i want my original laptop back also. They followed with telling me that they now own my laptop! Today i await a call from a manager regarding all of this, but enough to say u should avoid this policy like the plague. I will update this if there is an improvement in outcome, if no update then u know the score.

20/11/2014 21:17:11


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easier to navigate and a lot quicker than other insurance sites!

20/11/2014 13:19:13

Easy to use

Boat Insurance review by

Simple and quick to get covered

20/11/2014 09:04:50

easy as pie

Boat Insurance review by

very happy easy to do . website could do with a face lift

19/11/2014 19:07:57

mrs jones

Caravan Insurance review by

easy to complete

19/11/2014 14:40:55

simplistic enough but didn't ask colour of bo

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Insurance company should ask for photo of boat to assist recovery from theft and reduce fraud risk, include engine serial number and any security measures in place, to prevent theft or misuse. Please accept as positive suggestion onlyMike

19/11/2014 12:37:59

really easy to use and straight forward

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some of these sites are difficult to navigate and this was recommended to me by a friend and was just so simple - that's honestly why I chose it rather than competition. thanks

19/11/2014 09:23:55

caravan insurance

Caravan Insurance review by

Very easy to get insurance

18/11/2014 14:09:12


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Good stuff

17/11/2014 20:42:41

Tourer insurance

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Insuring my tourer was very easy with compare caravan

17/11/2014 18:05:24