no policy documents received either ...

Mobile Phone and Gadget Insurance review by

no policy documents received either by post or email.

08/07/2010 05:59:00

Thanks for a great service, ...

Caravan Insurance review by

Thanks for a great service, I had made an enquiry to upgrade my contents insurance and was informed by a member of staff to check out my own home insurance as this also might cover me. This would save me taking out additional insurance. Thanks, once again well impressed, happy to recommend you to friends, family and collegues.

08/07/2010 05:18:00

seems good company ,, thanks

Identity Theft Insurance review by

seems good company ,, thanks

07/07/2010 13:47:00

Straight forward transaction - pleasant ...

Boat Insurance review by

Straight forward transaction - pleasant and helpful person on phone line. High expectations met fully.

07/07/2010 05:21:00


Caravan Insurance review by


06/07/2010 05:16:00

We were so disapointed with ...

Boat Insurance review by

We were so disapointed with the service we received from the Insurance Company themselves..... I spoke to one of their Customer Sevice Representatives on a friday to arrange cover. I appreciate that this was short notice, but was assured that they would supply the policy number by email that day to enable my daughter to use and store her new Topper at the Sailing Club that weekend....we did not recieve the policy details until the following week ... ( nobody available over the weekend just answer machines ,,,very helpfull ) and no explanation or apology. My 11yr old daughter was very disappointed -which was so unneccesary. Many thanks MR Townend.and His Daughter. Ps its a pitty you were not as keen to forward the details as promised, as the lady on the phone was in taking payment (that went the same day no problem there then)

05/07/2010 13:55:00

was very dissapoin ted in ...

Horse Insurance review by

was very dissapoin ted in the fact that when i phoned up to get another horse added to my insurance it took well over a week to get a price this happened on two occasions .

04/07/2010 14:38:00

no thank ...

Boat Insurance review by

no thank you

03/07/2010 01:32:00

'free wine voucher offer' is ...

Boat Insurance review by

'free wine voucher offer' is a bit of a con - I wasnt influenced in any way by it - but anyone who expected to get something tangible, rather than just a discount when spending a large sum with one particular company is going to be disappointed. To be honest , it created a rather 'tacky' impression and you would do well to dump it. One minor instance of lack of communication between your staff wasted time with an unneccesary exchange of emails.

01/07/2010 13:43:00

On the day I bought ...

Caravan Insurance review by

On the day I bought my insurance I was sent an offer of 10% discount if I took out insurance, but this was after I had already paid. Not too impressed with that, unless you care to refund me the 10% discount retrospectively?

01/07/2010 13:07:00