had trouble with E Mail ...

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had trouble with E Mail and could not download policy documentation but staff sent me a hard copy by post as soon as I notified them of the problem.Excellent service

16/09/2010 10:06:00

The only thing to let ...

Caravan Insurance review by

The only thing to let you down is the fact I was told my policy would be in the post that evening, it has never arrived.

16/09/2010 05:51:00


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15/09/2010 13:28:00

none ...

Boat Insurance review by

none at this time

15/09/2010 06:32:00

All seems really easy and ...

Caravan Insurance review by

All seems really easy and straightforward so far. Hope I do not need to make a claim.

15/09/2010 05:30:00

in my breakdown insurance (on ...

Liability Insurance review by

in my breakdown insurance (on bronze) i would like- pickup of me and my passengers to my dwestination in uk and the drop off of my vehicle to my destination (which would be my drive) but i have to go thru the option of getting sharked by a local garage first, could you give us an opt out of this please?I hate garages nearly as much as paying tax!

13/09/2010 01:08:00

i thought your quotes (prices) ...

Travel Insurance review by

i thought your quotes (prices) were fairly reasonable.

12/09/2010 04:08:00

i have not recevied my ...

Caravan Insurance review by

i have not recevied my policy yet 0- you have texted me telling me that thye have been e-mailed to me - as yet they have not - i have texted back a request to send them to me in the post please - but as yet nothing. Can you please sort this out for me it would be very appreciated.

11/09/2010 19:42:00

Was very pleased with your ...

Boat Insurance review by

Was very pleased with your overall service, we puchased the very same insurance quoted for by a broker 23.00 less.

11/09/2010 13:29:00

Verry buisneslike ...

Boat Insurance review by

Verry buisneslike .

10/09/2010 14:26:00