it would have been useful ...

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it would have been useful that the direct debit was not taken from my account before i received the notificaion letter as i did not have the funds in that account to pay it

23/11/2010 12:21:00

from start to finish no ...

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from start to finish no problem, have allready reccomunded you

22/11/2010 15:45:00

It is minor, but every ...

Liability Insurance review by

It is minor, but every single other quote that I got from other people was confused by them regarding their lack of knowledge about their insurance clauses regarding "the application of heat, grinding and cutting equipment". Your details and policy was not so confused... I would guess that the main target market for many insurers do not use them, because they cannot themselves unbderstand the technical differences between these terms as applied to say, your average trademan or handyman or builder! For my part flat roofing or plumbing with copper, inside or outside is always going to involve the risk of heat: furthermore, the use of fixed bench carpentry tools is always going to be riskier than small hand held power tools because bench tools are very much more powerful and designed to be used all day long. The confusion arises with "grinding". Yes sparks are given off during metal grinding work, but there is no risk of fire when a handyman or builder is grinding out mortar (outside) with a small portable grinder with the intention of re-pointing; a very common and simple building task that many other stupid companies appear to be fearful of covering. A clever underwriter would exploit this ignorance, and add a specific clause that removes this confusion. Say "simple small scale grinding or cutting with the exclusion of any fire risk". A roadmender's stihlsaw is the most powerful cutting saw you can use, it works by "grinding" but is classed as a SAW......

22/11/2010 04:48:00

I have home insurance with ...

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I have home insurance with you

17/11/2010 11:21:00

The original email I received ...

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The original email I received after requesting a quote stated "Don't forget that you will receive a £20 wine voucher when your policy begins.". I have not received it nor any communication regarding the matter.

16/11/2010 15:34:00

You provided the best price ...

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You provided the best price I could find anywhere for my specific requirements. I spoke to a very knowledgeable and helpful member of staff and further email questions were answered swiftly (under 24 hours/next morning) and informatively. Highly recommend your service. Many thanks.

16/11/2010 14:11:00

I had quotes from two ...

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I had quotes from two comparison sites and phoned them both to explain the security on the site where my caravan is kept as there is nowhere on the site to fill this in.Imagine my supprise to find I was talking to the same lady.Two different sites with two different phone numbers but the same firm realy.Very strange.

15/11/2010 16:15:00

Staff very ...

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Staff very helpful

15/11/2010 08:36:00

new to boat ownership and ...

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new to boat ownership and all appears good at present. only problem that I have is contacting you during office hours via phone, but you appear to be able to work via email very well so I am happy. Many thanks

12/11/2010 13:53:00

Thank you for a good ...

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Thank you for a good service and deal, I will renew my boat insurance through you next year if your prices remain competetive.

12/11/2010 06:22:00