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Caravan Insurance review by

car insurance health insurance travel insurance id theft cover

24/01/2011 09:45:00

We had an initial problem ...

Boat Insurance review by

We had an initial problem of documents not being available to download for over a week after purchase but this was quickly resolved once we phoned your office. Staff were very helpful and friendly.

22/01/2011 11:20:00

It is hard to tell ...

Landlords Insurance review by

It is hard to tell if the insurance product is of good quality as yet as I have not yet had to make a claim. The reason that I am completing this survey is to tell you that the telephone service that I received was absolutely outstanding. The lady I spoke to in order to set up my policy was friendly, polite and helpful - the conversation felt personal in a way that most shops struggle to achieve these days. Outstanding. I mentioned this to my wife and it turns out she had the same experience with another lady (different accent) when she rang to get the quote. I had to ring again a few days later - same service. Brilliant telephone service - other companies would do well to copy you and make the call-center experience less painful. Thanks.

21/01/2011 06:30:00

I think I was e-mailed ...

Boat Insurance review by

I think I was e-mailed a 5% off voucher ; but I received it after I had chosen and paid for the insurance. It is possible I got a couple of quotes from you for different hull values , and the % was related to the other quote . Other than that , a good experience ! Alan D.

20/01/2011 14:56:00

The reason I'm marking down, ...

Landlords Insurance review by

The reason I'm marking down, is that I'm trying to get written (by email) clarification on a couple of points to do with my home insurance policy, and have had no response in a week (apart from automatically generated emails saying a response will be with me inside 24 hours). This looks very poor and is very frustrating. And it's why I wouldn't consider any other insurance policies with you, I'm afraid.

19/01/2011 09:17:00

How about payments by Pay-pal

Boat Insurance review by

How about payments by Pay-pal

18/01/2011 13:58:00

i am still waiting on ...

Caravan Insurance review by

i am still waiting on a copy of the policy

06/01/2011 18:12:00

Very helpfull staff who actually ...

Boat Insurance review by

Very helpfull staff who actually call you back when they say they will and have on record details of previous discussions so that you don't have to go all through it again. Happy to recommend the service to my fellow boat owners, and will be changing the isurance i have on my other boats through you when they come up for renewal.

28/12/2010 12:22:00

My property has only been ...

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My property has only been insured with you for 2 weeks, so my experience is limited. But, I was delighted with the speediness of the service and with the ease with which the insurance could be set up over the internet and on the phone.

27/12/2010 12:10:00

Great ...

Boat Insurance review by

Great Service Thank You

26/12/2010 09:38:00