Caravan Insurance review by


26/03/2014 20:30:20

A bit confusing

Event Insurance review by

more to fill out than expected after answering all the same questions for the quote. Some questions were highlighted but you still had to answer all of them.

26/03/2014 16:07:45

Easy to purchase

Event Insurance review by

That was fairly simple and straightforward

25/03/2014 21:52:56


Travel Insurance review by

Easy to complete good price

25/03/2014 19:30:21

a1 experience 5***** service

Boat Insurance review by

excellent and easy purchase

25/03/2014 19:10:29

Nice easy web site straight forward

Boat Insurance review by

Very easy form to fill in with loads of drop down boxes

25/03/2014 16:33:48

Straight forward

Caravan Insurance review by

All questions were clear and necessary. The language was clear and straightforward. A pleasant change.

25/03/2014 15:04:09

Boat insurance

Boat Insurance review by

Excellent and easy to use

25/03/2014 14:15:42

pretty good

Event Insurance review by

really simple and quick

25/03/2014 13:11:25

online purchase

Caravan Insurance review by

Although I didn't particularly want to do a review, I never do, the review section is still over the printable page for my records. Other than that glitch everything is fine.

25/03/2014 10:54:04