very good

Caravan Insurance review by


31/03/2014 19:21:58

Quick and easy

Caravan Insurance review by

So straight forward and simple to follow instructions, with products that are affordable and pleasing to the pocket.

31/03/2014 17:35:19

Fast efficient

Travel Insurance review by

Fast affix inept service. Very easy to use thanks.

31/03/2014 16:18:19

boat insurance

Boat Insurance review by


31/03/2014 13:30:31


Caravan Insurance review by


31/03/2014 13:15:41

Very clear to understand

Boat Insurance review by

Easy to sort

31/03/2014 11:29:12


Liability Insurance review by


31/03/2014 05:51:48

Ski boat insurance

Boat Insurance review by

Very competitive quote, easy site to use with all the cover I require.

30/03/2014 14:51:41

Easy to follow instructions

Caravan Insurance review by

Painless navigation made things very easy to follow

30/03/2014 14:48:38

Claim form

Boat Insurance review by

Whilst the fields in the claim form were easy to address I had to return to them on a couple of occasions after obtaining the required information but found I had to re-answer many of the questions again as the claim form had not saved them all which was a bit disappointing

30/03/2014 10:06:14