great no problems

Boat Insurance review by

so easy to complete

04/04/2014 05:46:03

easy to use

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the whole thing took 15 mins very easy to fill in apart from getting my middle name mixed up its james by the way not :Elliot:

03/04/2014 20:49:24

very easy to follow

Caravan Insurance review by

very easy instructions to follow

03/04/2014 19:18:47

Super quick and easy!

Boat Insurance review by

had a look for a quote, within 15 minutes I'd entered all the details and bought a policy - highly recommended!

03/04/2014 14:54:03

Boat insurance

Boat Insurance review by

Not a bad first time experience of buying insurance online, pretty straight forward, takes about 15 mins to complete just make sure you have the relevant details to hand before you begin and you can't go wrong;

03/04/2014 13:34:18

Qucik, easy and a fair price

Caravan Insurance review by

The title pretty much says it all

03/04/2014 12:17:03

fast insurance

Caravan Insurance review by

easy and quick no change

03/04/2014 11:34:12

insufficient job titles & business types

Boat Insurance review by

Simple to complete

02/04/2014 20:38:35


Liability Insurance review by

Good site

02/04/2014 14:47:11

Easy choice boat cover

Boat Insurance review by

I wanted to chose a good quality comprehensive insurance for my dinghy. You made the decision very easy by ease of selection and pricing.

02/04/2014 14:42:53