Small craft insurance

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Easy user friendly web site. There were no irelevent questions to answer.

02/06/2014 19:37:58

Very simple process

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Very easy process, nice and simple!!!!!

02/06/2014 19:00:01

boat insurance

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it was so easy

02/06/2014 18:44:03


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02/06/2014 16:37:59


Boat Insurance review by


02/06/2014 09:55:46

very very easy to fill out

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a good experience so easy to understand

01/06/2014 16:00:43

Easy to use and a good price

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Quick and easy to use, the most competitive price available

01/06/2014 08:38:02

very easy

Boat Insurance review by

didn't go wrong and seemed easy to use

01/06/2014 05:42:10

A Friend In Need....

Caravan Insurance review by

Last-minute (actually last day!) problems caused by our Campsite meant we were faced with an unrealistic Market Price quote when our caravan was only 4 months past the New-for-Old basis of the previous year. I contacted this provider & was able to get the same market-price quote on the eve of renewal & at approx. 40% less. Well done & thanks. At the moment, only a New-for-Old quote at a similar price could be an improvement!

31/05/2014 21:49:30

caravan insurance

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so far so good. easy form filling, quick response.

31/05/2014 20:50:33