Quick and easy

Travel Insurance review by

Very straightforward and clear

13/06/2014 07:56:58


Caravan Insurance review by


12/06/2014 20:29:53

very quick

Caravan Insurance review by

Very good

12/06/2014 10:19:01


Boat Insurance review by

very good

12/06/2014 07:31:50


Boat Insurance review by

Just needed to get it done and it was quick and easy

11/06/2014 22:34:19


Caravan Insurance review by

Fast and easy to use

11/06/2014 20:08:45

easy to use - good price and fast

Liability Insurance review by

This site was easy to use, provided simple and no-nonsence questions easy to use and understand. would recommend - wish i used it earlier - I wasted the best part of 2 hours on phone to local brokers .

11/06/2014 13:27:00

All seemed to work well

Boat Insurance review by

Takes time but probably the best way to go.

11/06/2014 13:08:44

Excellent experience

Boat Insurance review by

Previous insurer required full survey for 20 year old narrowboat. Compare Boat Insurance found me an alternative insurer who did not require the survey and there was a premium saving.

11/06/2014 12:11:55

very pleasant

Boat Insurance review by

great to deal with !!

11/06/2014 07:49:28