Easy and efficient to use

Boat Insurance review by

Easy and efficient Web Site, which was quick to transact

17/06/2014 10:51:13


Boat Insurance review by


16/06/2014 22:56:38

Filling in forms

Boat Insurance review by

All quick and easy but if you have drop down boxes or free text boxes, make sure they work or are large enough!

16/06/2014 20:32:36


Liability Insurance review by

easy and cheap

16/06/2014 20:17:16

workshop cover

Event Insurance review by

It was useful to be able to book this online. It would have been helpful to review the details such as date before I confirmed the purchase.

16/06/2014 20:14:15


Caravan Insurance review by

nice people to talk to but should not CHARGE for credit cards just another rip off

16/06/2014 15:06:18

Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance review by

Simple and straight forward

16/06/2014 13:39:19

great service, grest price

Boat Insurance review by

Quick and easy and a great price as well (Half of my local broker!)

16/06/2014 11:37:09


Caravan Insurance review by

simple easy to follow site many thanks

16/06/2014 11:27:55

Very easy and user friendly.

Caravan Insurance review by

I found the application process very easy to use and user friendly

16/06/2014 10:59:56