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easy to answer and no ambiguous question. nothing to improve

03/07/2014 19:24:55

very good

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very easy website to use

03/07/2014 17:08:49

new insurance

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seemed very simple to sort out insure.thanks

03/07/2014 16:14:55

Professional, efficient, helpful

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Took the time to ensure the answers to my questions were correct and not misleading in any way.

03/07/2014 15:51:14

easy to use web site

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found this easy to use and straightforward to apply

03/07/2014 14:35:57


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Easy and simple

03/07/2014 14:07:04

Quick and Easy to Use

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Great site, i've used it a number of times to insure various boats, easy to fill in and quick to get a quote

03/07/2014 12:48:35

very good

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very good service

03/07/2014 06:56:51

Pauls Inflatable Boat

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Why does the Proposal ask me if the Gallery has a Fire Extinguisher on a ten foot open rubber dinghy and don't let me move on without saying it does? There are a couple of questions that don't apply to small dinghies and need review if filling these things out online. Needs looking at, add N/A as an option please.

02/07/2014 20:48:51


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good advise

02/07/2014 17:06:50