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Home Insurance Policies

Read about some of the house insurance policies on offer from CETA.

Buildings Insurance

Find out more the building insurance quotes on offer from CETA.

House Insurance for Tenants

We have very competitively priced house insurance quotes for tenants.

Household Contents Insurance

Find out more about the contents insurance policies on offer from CETA.

CETA Insurance Ltd

At CETA we offer a comprehensive range of household insurance policies that are designed to protect your property or properties. The beauty of our comparison system is that users have access to the most competitive insurance quotes around – and can ensure that every policy is completely suited to meeting their requirements exactly.

For those seeking to compare house or buildings insurance they can do so with us with policies sourced from many of the leading insurers we work with, including Axa, Zurich, Groupama and many more.

Use our online quotation system or call us today to get a competitive home insurance quote.

Our Insurance Cover Options

We have an extensive array of policies designed for residential property owners in the UK. With over fifty insurance products our clients can select from an amazing variety of policies, prices and cover options so they are covered for exactly what they need.

We even supply flexible cover that can be purchased in three-month units for a cost effective solution for those properties that are unoccupied, which are often considered higher risk than an occupied property.

At CETA we can also insure for a variety of property letting scenarios. Each type of tenant requires a specific form of insurance cover, and we currently supply tailored packages for DHSS, asylum seekers, holiday lets and professional rentals.

We also deliver home insurance quotes that help to protect landlords and cover their properties in cases of emergency. This innovative solution is great for providing peace of mind for both landlords and in building solid relationships with their clients.

Building & Contents

Buildings insurance is an essential part of protecting a property and ensuring it is well maintained. These types of policy cover all of the structural and permanent elements of your building, such as bricks and mortar right through to a fitted kitchen.

In case of emergency, your buildings insurance will cover you for up to the full value of rebuilding and re-fitting your house. As we only provide building insurance from the best insurers around, our clients can be assured of the quality of the coverage they will receive.

We are also specialists in home contents insurance to protect your personal possessions and house contents from fire, theft and accidental damage.

House Insurance Comparison

If you are looking to compare the widest range of high quality home and buildings insurance policies around, please feel free to browse our website for a comprehensive home insurance comparison or for an informal discussion don't hesitate to give us a call.

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